Friday, April 22, 2011

And we're painting..

Front door time: If you haven't heard...we painted our front door... green!! Originally it was black which matched the other four houses around us and I felt like we needed some curb appeal not too mention a pop of color. Over the past few months, I was going between green and red, but when we went to Home Depot, we ended up trying to decide between tourquoise and green (red seemed too traditional). We chose to go with Grape Leaf by Behr, I loved the tourquoise the hubs picked out, but I was slightly over it due to our island adventure. Because we didn't take the swatch home before we bought the paint we grabbed swatches that were similar to the siding and shutters to get the full effect.


We decided to get the paint and primer in one, which I was quite leery about due to a previous not priming situation, but it actually worked out well. Looking back I still would have primed it with normal primer, but all in all it looks pretty good. We were so excited about the new color that we painted our mailbox to match and the hubs added a special touch.


After- looks better in person

Bottom line: We are one of five houses on our road that looks the exact the same, so we wanted to mix it up and be different. Also, we wanted people to look at our house and say, we know the people that live there aren't old and traditional. So there you have it Grape Leaf green.

Centerpiecing it: For our springtime kitchen table centerpiece I decided to take my TJmaxx 'FLEURS' wooden box and put a variety of glass jars, the fun part is that the jars have multiple purposes so I can use them year around, which is what I have been doing since I have snagged them from other places around the house. I am in search of a few more to make it complete, but it is coming along. 

Hook it up: While I was in Richmond I got a chance to take back our broken island handle from Anthro and got some yellow and *on sale* hooks for the end of the island. 

Junk Finder:  Do you have friends that every time they go to a thrift or antique store they always come out with awesome finds and then turn it into more awesomeness? Do you feel like when you go all you see is junk? You are not alone my sister (or brother..)...I feel your pain. I decided to give my local Goodwill another try and as I was on my way out, I stumbled upon an ugly, plastic, old faux wood tray with a lovely geometric border. With this gem being only $1 I had to get it and promptly when to Walmart to get some white spray paint. Unfortunately, I forgot to snag a before picture, but it was ugly, trust. We still need to do a few more coats on the bottom and we are thinking about modpodging the middle, just can't help ourselves ModPodge is fun!

White tray

The geometric border is the best part of the entire piece, but I am not sure exactly where I will put it because our house is not modern at all, but do love fun geometric patterns and want to display this beaut, where do you think? We are thinking we will choose a fabric or scrapbook pattern that will match our space.

Other odds and ends: 
I had another good trip to Asheville this past weekend with the family to celebrate B's big boy birthday. 
Foster had her first overnight without her parents. Because Chris and I were both out of town, our loverly friends offered to watch her, she was in doggie heaven as they took her on multiple walks. Reality hit her on Saturday when Chris picked her and she went back to hating her life, just kidding. But her time with the W's spurred me to work on taking her on more walks and we are 4 for 5 this week, pretty good I think. 

Next weekend, heading to NOVA for a long awaited trip to see my Melissa.

Hope yall have a lovely weekend.

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