Friday, April 8, 2011

i am a..Maxxinista

It has been a while friends, sorry for my absence..hopefully my fun finds will perk you up.

We've been looking for matching laps for our bedroom ever since we purchased our duvet last July and finally found the perfect pair at TJ's

They are a pretty good size and for $29 each, I was sold. The base is brushed white metal.

Next on our list is to paint the master bedroom and get curtains...

...speaking of curtains...last night I had the pleasure of attending a boutique home sale held by AmandaCarver Designs . 

I purchased some Pottery Barn panels, 2 for $24!  as well as a vintage Virginia plate, silver candle holder and an AmandaCarver babygirl hair clip. All for a grand total of $36.

I wish all home sales were that fun! 

Other maxxinista fun:

Found this fun flower box and rustic frame..currently I am using the box as a centerpiece on the kitchen table, but haven't quite figured out what to put in it yet.

I am really into garden stools, but not quite sure if they fit into our style; Ballard designs has some cute, but pricy ones and their pictures show how these can work with different styles. During my shopping rampage, I stopped by Ross and found these, only $30 ! I am still trying to get the husband on board, but was soo excited when I spotted them and all of these colors are so fun!

...and for an update:

the ladder from covesville

the mirror Braden made,
in the reflection you see our covesville shutter

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