Thursday, April 29, 2010

As promised.

Poor Foster, she barely fits in the chair.

I decided to be nice and help a sista out

Wedding present from Megers- love it!

My lovely hutch for my white and glass dishes-favorite piece in the house

The routine

Other business:
I am in the process of learning how to use a Mac. My Dell is dying, so my wonderful fiance is letting me use his mac. He copied my hard drive over to the mac so all of my documents and music are assessable. He is the best. I have a feeling in a few weeks I will understand how to use the machine better but right now I just know the basics--checking my email, editing an excel document and surfing the web. Those are basically the most important things.

In other news:
I love getting mail. It is the best feeling. In college I was very adamant about checking my mail, hoping to get a care package from my sweet mother-which happened often or a love letter-not so often. I still love getting mail and over the past week my mailbox has been full of response cards which is fun. But yesterday I got an awesome package. My dear friend, Megan, sent me a wedding present! It included a beautiful green olive oil glass (not sure of the real name), and serving pieces that are white ceramic, but have wood indentation. Love it. To be honest, I am one of those brides who looks at their registry to see what people have bought-i know i need to stop. Well these items listed above were the first items purchased on my Crate and Barrel list, so i was wondering who purchased them. Who else but lovely Megan. I must say crate and barrel does a great job packaging their items. So back to Megan, I think she is one of the only people who reads my blogs. Thats okay though, it is a way for her to keep up with me across the country. Megan and I have been friends for about 4 years. Unfortunately we have not seen each other in almost two years. Awful I know! She lives in California when her sweet hubby. We both have busy lives and have yet to see each other recently, but I am hoping after the wedding we can figure something out. I love her.

Yay for days off:
Tuesday was a busy day at work, so it was so nice to have yesterday and today off. In a bit I am going to leave to get a massage, I love massages. I could get one once a week or everyday for that matter. It is just soooo relaxing. I am trying a new place out called Ageless Organics, they use all organic materials and oils. Today I am hoping to spend some quality time with my man, we have the same routine-we rarely do anything fun and exciting. Which is okay because when we finally see each other we are both exhausted, but I think we need a little spice ( and no not like that-well at least not for 50 days).

Yesterday I worked out on my Wii fit for one hour! I spent 30 mins doing yoga, which I should really find a place in Lynchburg that offers it. The rest of the time I did balance exercises. Wii fit is great, but if you looking for a high impact workout you might want to either try Wii active or join a gym. For me I chose Wii fit since I have been out of the game for a while and I didnt want to over do it.

Well I must say I am proud of my self for posting two entires in one week. In a bit I am going to try to post some pictures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Odds and ends

As I start most entries... it has been forever since I have last blogged. About a month ago I reformated the site, but never had time to actually write something. Nor have I found time to figure out how to link the twitter and facebook icons to those actual pages--maybe one day.
So lately...I have working---for the past few months I haven't gotten all of my hours, so I decided to pick up some hrs in the CICU (I usually work in the CVRU for those who thought I worked in the CICU-it can be confusing but my unit is the open heart unit and CICU deals mostly with chest pain, stents, some GI bleeds,etc. ) Well as the past month has developed we have been very busy in CVRU so I really havent picked up any hours in CICU in the past two weeks. Another way the Lord continues to provide--I was really praying for hours and he has definitely opened that door.
Speaking of depending on the Lord.. I finally received my tax return... the past few months I have really been relying on the Lord for our financial situation.. and with patience and prayer He has interceded. I am soo very fortunate-- we are now able to finish paying of the wedding and purchasing things for the new house.
Also, this past weekend Foster got her ovaries and uterus taken out...(Is it called being sprayed and neutered or just one of those words?) She was at the vet all weekend and I finally picked her up this morning and she is currently laying on the couch with me, sleeping. Sometimes I wished I could know what dogs were thinking. Foster is able 6 months old and weighing roughly 60lbs. She is definitely still growing.. people keep asking me how big I think she will get but I have no idea.. I am thinking around 100lbs. Sometimes I wished I had a smaller dog..maybe one day. We have to focus on training Foster first.. I think we are making some progress, but we still have more ground to cover.

Wedding: Over the past few lovely mother and best friend/maid of honor threw me a bridal shower.. it was so beautiful. What a humbling experience to have 20 some family and friends come to a shower just for me because they are truly so excited for us and our wedding. The theme was a shabby chic shower with lots of aprons. Also, I got some wonderful gifts--we are soo blessed. Also, I decided on my bridesmaid dresses, they are a little pricy but I chose something the girls could wear again. It is the Cotton Cady Erica dress from JCrew in dark peri. It looks soo good on all of the girls, so now I am just trying to decide on shoes. Got any suggestions? I am thinking either white or black flat sandals. Another big accomplishment is we got the invites out!! Thanks to my mother who addressed all 200 by hand! We had a little printing issue, but it all worked out in the end.

Other odds and ends:
I need to get into a work out routine.. this thought probably crosses my mind just about every week or every other day.. but it is soo hard to stay motivated.. for a while there I was doing wii active, but then my batteries died in the remotes & I stopped and now they are fully charged, but I have yet to get back into it. Any words of motivation?

The house is coming along.. the latest purchase is our new desk and hutch.. I have been neglecting the office, but we have decided we need to make it a functional space. So now that we have the desk and hutch we will be looking at paint colors.

Well I should go try to be productive on my 1/2 day off..