Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pillow Talk

If you follow my pinterest than you know I have been searching for pillows for our new gray sectional.

I fell love with this collection,

Specifically the floral fabric (but after I found the fabric for $46-$60/ yd I didn't like it too much anymore).

The day we purchased the sofa we hit TJMAXX, Target, and Pier 1 (we don't have a vast selection of stores here) hoping to find some inexpensive pillows, unfortunately we came up with nothing. I poured over the internet and still couldn't find exactly what we were looking for, so I moved on to Plan B (which really should have been Plan A) making my own.
Last year for Christmas my big brother bought me a yard or so of beautiful Dwell Studio fabric in the Gate Citrine pattern.

I was in love instantly and for the past year I have been contemplating making some pillows, but didn't have anything they would go with, so I held off until now. I have only made two pillows in my life, one in home economics in 6th grade and another I sewed this summer out of clothe napkins, neither hit on much.
..So on to plan B, I found an easy tutorial at SewMamaSew and I was able to make three pillows ( all different sizes), I am so pleased with how they turned out.

 I wasn't sure how my husband was going to like the pillows, since the fabric is slightly too geometric/modern for his taste. It took him a good hour for him to notice them when he got home from work, so they must not be too crazy. I just ordered other coordinating fabrics from to finish everything off. It is such a good feeling when you can make something you love for much less than the retail price, such as this same pillow at DwellStudio for $72 (no thanks). The other pillows on the couch are ones I was using in guest room and I did have to buy my favorite pillow at target for good measure (or maybe because I have been in love with it since Target started carrying it a few years ago).

As you can tell we still have yet to paint the living room, maybe this weekend if I get put on call..or it might just happen after the craziness of Christmas. Also, I am keeping my eyes opens for another rug and coffee table. 

I am loving this style of coffee table because it is sort of modern with an antique/our taste look..

Do you know where to find similar coffee tables at a reasonable price? 

Hope yall had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our big saturday.

This weekend we finally got around to painting our kitchen! We have been wanting to paint for a while, but it is hard to find a weekend where both of us are off. Last week we picked up some samples from Home Depot, colors for both the kitchen and living room. Thank You God for samples. Between the three samples, we found one we thought would work (a sweet pale yellow). Friday we primed the room and Saturday morning before Chris went out to buy the actual gallons of paint, he put some of the yellow sample on the wall one last time just to make sure we were good with this big commitment. didn't quite float our boat the second time around, so we scoured the internet to get some ideas (we would have just gone to the paint store together and got more samples to try, but we were in a time crunch-more about that in a minute). Finally, Chris found a color that we could both agree on, so he scooted off to the Depot to get the gallons while I was at home praying that this color would work since I told him not to get a sample, rather just get two gallons of it. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the Home Depot and we weren't about to spend our whole day running up the road.....Long story  long  short. We had some awesome friends come over and join in on the painting party and we got it all done by 4pm. And the best news is that we LOVE it!! We went with AQUA SMOKE by Behr, it goes perfectly with the brown and blue rug from Target and the island. It is nice to have a pop of color to brighten up the space. I love how it changes colors with the sunlight.

And for the panoramic:
These pictures make it look more aqua blue, hence the name of the color I guess, but during the day it has a sea foam green hue. (The island is still not quite showing accurately-but you will get the picture)

During our paint adventure we had our new couch delivered and had two buyers come look at the old couch, so it was definitely a busy Saturday (did I mention the time crunch). Couch you ask? Oh Yes I just said new couch. We had been eyeing this couch from Haverty's, but hadn't made up our minds, so Friday we ventured to Roanoke to look at it one last time, but still weren't completely sold. As we were driving around we saw Grand Home Furnishings (this is where we got our bedroom suit) as much as I hate furniture places like this I figured what the heck lets just see what they have. To our surprise we fell in love with this sectional. We weren't looking for a sectional and the original price was definitely more than we wanted to spend, but we got a great deal (there could have been some haggling/persuading involved--thank you Dave Ramsey). We got it delivered Saturday and couldn't be happier, now we just need some fun pillows to tie everything together (Refer to my pinterest for my thoughts on this). Just in case you were wondering, Foster is not allowed on this couch, so you will notice she is located in the leather chair.

Next on the list, paint the living room, we were thinking Slate by Restoration Hardware, but now that we have a dark gray couch it could be too dark. Have any suggestions? 
Also, we are looking to hang some panels in front of the sliding glass door, no more horizontal blinds for us. I might throw some valences together for the other two windows, but really who am I kidding-I haven't been sewing too much lately.