Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Oasis

I feel lost sometimes in such a big world, but then I meet people who know other people I know and it becomes smaller. But most of the time I feel like I am lost in this place. Charlottesville is small to those who come from big cities, but to me it is just a big place with too many people. I am ready to get out of the bright lights and loud, drunk college students and venture to a place of tranquility. A place of peace, friendly and caring people, somewhere that has independent coffee shops, cute inexpensive boutiques of clothes and home decor, where all of the houses are different and not cookie cutter shaped. There would be grocery stores with organic foods that aren't expensive. This oasis would be located far from a big city.

My house would be an adorable old well-built country cottage with stone incorporated some how. The walls would be lathered in calming blues, greens, yellows, tans, and whites. Some of the furniture will be built by my husband and I for which we got the ideas from magazines. It will most definitely have an espresso maker built in. It would have a porch with rockers and the yard would be filled with beautiful wildflowers and a dog running around. My best friend, who would know everything about me, would live down the street with whom I would talk with daily on the phone or over coffee. My neighbors wouldn't live too close, but there would be a wonderful sense of community among this town, my euphoria. God would be ever present in conversations and in the day to day life of those in the town. There would a powerful church like one I have experienced before.

This life will not be stressful rather be a pleasant environment that everyone can be themselves rather than feeling they must fit in and be someone they are not.

I long for this place of harmony and relaxation. One day.

Snow Days

The past few days have been wondeful as far as not having class. Yesterday, clinical got cancelled because of the weather, this allowed me to get some well-needed rest. I was also able to run errands and workout and catch up on the bachelor and Grey's.
Today, two out of three of my classes got cancelled because of the weather, which was great because I was able to get more rest and get a little bit of work done.

Sometimes it is nice when the weather is like this especially if you don't have to travel and you can just relax.

Unfortunately I wont be at Campus Church tonight :( The first time in a few weeks. I will surely miss it. It is so refreshing after a hard week.

Monday, January 26, 2009

HER Bags

Here is a sample of some of the handbags I have made over the years.

Random trains of thought

Well... I haven't been feeling too great the past few days..mostly due to the lack of sleep and sinuses. I would like to go a day without a headache. Fortunately, medicine exists..I cannot imagine living way back when and having to be in pain all of the time...much less...I cannot imagine being a nurse back in the day...yikes.

I had a nice time spending the week/weekend in Lburg. Campus Church was wonderful with Clayton King. It was a very celebratory time in the burg...Chris and Dustin's times. Also, I found a wonderful coffee shop in Wyndhurst, The Muse Coffee Co.

Wintergreen Winery: I highly recommend the Rasberry Wine..especially with chocolate.

I cannot wait to be done with school..I am not motivated to do work. I realize God placed me in this situation for reason. And I should be thankful for this amazing opportunity and thankful for almost being done, but sometimes I am just so over it. I am looking forward to the future and all that He has in store and I just want to experience it all now.
Patience has never been one of my strengths.

Tonight... the bachelor comes on tonight!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The week

This week has been interesting. Only two days of school, which was nice. I praying that God will give me motivation and patience with going to my classes..3 classes MW 2.5 hours each.. it could be worse, but it makes for a long day. I am fortunate that I only have class 3 days a week.

Tomorrow--is Chris's birthday!!

Looking forward to a fun-filled week/weekend at LU!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Semester

So the semester is off to an interesting start...had class two days..went to Liberty for a good time...went home and worked 20 hours in two days... now back at school for another two days. Tomorrow I will be hanging out with crazy people like me as well as praying that everything goes safely with the inauguration and that this will be the beginning of a positive change.
Looking forward to heading back up to Liberty for 4.5 days...somewhere that is free of Stuarts (the mice I live with) and where I feel at home.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Figuring out life

Trying to figure it all out..
Trying to understand what I am suppose to do..
What I want to do..