Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Oasis

I feel lost sometimes in such a big world, but then I meet people who know other people I know and it becomes smaller. But most of the time I feel like I am lost in this place. Charlottesville is small to those who come from big cities, but to me it is just a big place with too many people. I am ready to get out of the bright lights and loud, drunk college students and venture to a place of tranquility. A place of peace, friendly and caring people, somewhere that has independent coffee shops, cute inexpensive boutiques of clothes and home decor, where all of the houses are different and not cookie cutter shaped. There would be grocery stores with organic foods that aren't expensive. This oasis would be located far from a big city.

My house would be an adorable old well-built country cottage with stone incorporated some how. The walls would be lathered in calming blues, greens, yellows, tans, and whites. Some of the furniture will be built by my husband and I for which we got the ideas from magazines. It will most definitely have an espresso maker built in. It would have a porch with rockers and the yard would be filled with beautiful wildflowers and a dog running around. My best friend, who would know everything about me, would live down the street with whom I would talk with daily on the phone or over coffee. My neighbors wouldn't live too close, but there would be a wonderful sense of community among this town, my euphoria. God would be ever present in conversations and in the day to day life of those in the town. There would a powerful church like one I have experienced before.

This life will not be stressful rather be a pleasant environment that everyone can be themselves rather than feeling they must fit in and be someone they are not.

I long for this place of harmony and relaxation. One day.

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