Monday, February 2, 2009

The Future

My oasis gives me hope of a brighter day and a better way. I am looking forward to whatever God has in store. Maybe it is my oasis or most likely something I would never expect but it will be perfect because He is perfect.
It is interesting how people say when you are in college that these are the best days of your life so enjoy it...well all I gotta say is I hope not because this is rough and I know these are not the best days of my life and there is more out there. I am interested to see how God works in the next year and all that he has in store...I am thinking he has some big plans, but guess I will just have to be patient, which is definitely not one of my strongest suits, and wait to find out.
This semester is definitely starting to fly by, for starters it is February. I just finished one midterm and have two next week. In about three weeks I leave for the Galapagos Islands which I am starting to get excited about, it will be somewhere very different and beautiful I am sure. I get back, have finals, then start practicum. A month and a half of that and I will be done! Finally!! I truly cannot wait to be out of Charlottesville and on to somewhere that feels like home and with the ones I love.

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