Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Randomness

I always feel like when I blog it should be something spectacular and profound. But obviously if you know me I am not the most profound rather I am full of randomness. Examples below.

I like flowers. Wildflowers are my favorite. I like white, blue, purple and green flowers all thrown together. I am not a huge rose fan, but some roses are okay. I don't like the idea of getting flowers on holidays such as Valentines day, rather I believe it should be on a random day. Random acts of kindness and love are my favorite. They are important and cherished especially when they reflect thoughtfulness. Not something that was thrown together at the last minute, but something simple and sweet.

I will be traveling more in the next three months than I probably will in the next three years. In less than a week I leave for the Galapagos Islands, I am looking forward to the sun and warm temperatures. In April I am going to Nashville for a week which I am super excited about. I love it there. It is totally music with coffee shops and cute funky boutiques. I am going there for business and pleasure, but probably more pleasure. Then in May I am going on a cruise with my roommates to the Bahamas. We are going to have a blast celebrating all of our accomplishments and preparing for graduation while soaking up the sun. Four days after we get back I will be leaving for Mexico with the familia. Typically I am not a jet setter, but this spring will sure make me one.

Someone once told me that procrastination sometimes occurs because you want to do everything perfect and you are so worried about it not being perfect that you put it off until its almost to late. This probably doesnt make much sense to anyone, but it does to me and my perfectionistic self. It could just be an excuse, but nonetheless I am procrastinating from studying for my final psychiatric nursing exam. It is not too rewarding learning about intimate partner violence, eating disorders, substance abuse and mental illness in the elderly. Fortunately, Weds it will all be over!
Well now that I am typing about it I am feeling convicted that I should start studying, but if you have any suggestions about what I should blog about let me know because I am at a loss most of the time.

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