Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingle Jangle

Merry (almost) Christmas! I can't believe Christmas is 9ish days away, time is flying by. Fortunately, I have gotten most of my shopping done and wrapped. I kept the decorating simple this year as you can see in some of the photos.

I got one of my Christmas presents early and I am sooo happy with it! My dad came up from Richmond on Thursday to bring and install the built-in bookselves!! They are exactly what our house needed and it dresses the place up a bit. I am still playing around with decorating them. Also, we have to calk in a few areas, throw another coat of paint on 'em and finish up some of the molding, but other than that they are set! It really is crazy what a difference they make in the space.



Still playing around with all this new shelf space

Oh Christmas Tree::

We bought our Christmas tree a few weeks ago and boy was that a mistake. This is probably the driest tree I have seen in a while. Foster wags her tail from across the room and half the needles are on the floor, so by Christmas is will be pretty naked. I had great plans to string some popcorn and that probably won't happen, maybe next year. I used the same ornaments from last year with my paper ornaments I made out of an old abdominal surgery textbook. 

We had to find a new spot for the tree, since the usual spot is taken,
 so there it sets btw the living room and kitchen

My Ragamuffin Tree Topper::

I had been looking for cute tree toppers that weren't angels or stars and couldn't find much, so I made my own out of a styrofoam ball, strips of burlap, and straight pins.

It reminds me of a bad hair day

 Some of the other Christmas-y spots::

Kitchen table center piece with a yo-yo quilt runner

It's pretty simple, slightly boring, but that is okay.

Master Bathroom

Thanks for taking the tour, we could not be happier with the built-ins, my dad is just a genius-what can I say-if you don't believe me look at the island.

I hope your staying in the Christmas spirit and not getting too bogged down with the long lines, traffic, and festive holiday sweaters.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the season to make stockings

Burlap stockings::

I have been wanting to make burlap stockings since last Christmas, but it didn't quite happen (read more about that here). This year I was determined to knock 'em out, so yesterday I got 'er done! I am pretty excited with how well they turned out, not as hard as I thought they would be. They are definitely not perfect-but nothing is-it is called character. 

Each stocking has two pieces of burlap and two pieces of batting. The top of the stocking is actually the  outside trim of an old pillow case and I picked up some maroon ribbon from Walmart. I made the fabric rosettes out of the pillow case fabric and the ribbon trim. I played with different fabrics and embellishments and this is what I came up with. I used some old brass buttons to add a little something to the center of the rosettes.

How are you getting in the holiday CHRISTMAS spirit?