Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time

Since the last post we have travelled to Amelia, Chesterfield and back to Madison Heights. We visited my dad and stepmom for the first two days and then to mom and stepdads for two. My MIL and FIL came in town yesterday and are here until tomorrow. If you follow me on twitter you have seen that my burlap stockings did not get made :(. I made a very novice mistake- I forgot my sewing petal- I figured it out on the 23rd after I cut out my batting and burlap and was about to pin the fabric and noticed that my pedal was nowhere in site. Sad I was, very disappointed. So no sewing was done while I was gone. I had planned to make the stockings last night, but it just never happened. Instead we used my socks, will post pictures- pretty ridiculous. I do plan on finishing up some projects tomorrow after MIL and FIL leave.

Exciting news: for Christmas I got gift cards to Joann's and Quilt Expressions and a new seam ripper, fabric weights ( awesome invention), magnetic wand, large rotary cutting board and yard stick. These items have made a world of difference when I was working on my latest item- will post pic soon. Also for Christmas I got some jackets, trail/road bike, tennis shoes, scrubs, stock pot ( which I made some soup this evening in), Nike running chip, sheets, and other odds and ends. On another note: I didn't have to work today! We closed Thursday, what a great present! Today we, along with the ILs hung around played country music triviology and I figured out how to skype! We also drove around in the snow to look at Christmas lights. As mentioned above I made catchall soup-basically threw what I had in a pot- sausage, chicken, celery, carrots, Cayenne pepper, S&P, lasagna noodles, can of diced tomatoes and chicken stock with some spices and let it simmer for about 5 hours- didn't turn out too bad :) .

While out of town I continued my blog reading. I love scouring over blogs and finding some good ideas- loving Moda BakeShop!

Today my MIL gave me my first lesson on hemming pants-I am going to attempt hemming Chris's new Carharts and Dickies.

Well on my to do list is finishing some last minute presents and posting new pictures.

Your job-leave me some love or advice or suggestions.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas.

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