Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Under the weather

As you can see, I have changed my background. I have been wanting something cute but clean, I am pleased with how it has turned out.
I have been feeling somewhat under the weather, I got the sore throat, runny nose, head pressure deal-not fun. I am hoping it is not the beginnings of the flu. One thing I have noticed as a nurse is that I fail to care for myself, especially at times when I am physically sick. Also, I am lacking the judgement of whether or not to go to the doctor, mostly I do not want to pay a co-pay for them to say you have a sinus infection, drink fluids. So for now I will force myself to drink more water and take ibuprofen as needed. Maybe tomorrow if it is not better I will reconsider. In other news I have sewed a little bit, pictures below, I had to get some last minute Christmas gifts finished. Below you will see a little card holder and aromatherapy rice bag I made from I am momma-hear me roar and another type of rice bag from Sew Mama Sew. I also made a coffee sleeve from The Cottage Home. Hopefully later today after I get some errands run I will get some sewing done since I wont be working tonight, I wasn't able to work last night either due to low census ( which is probably a good thing since I am UTW).

In other news: I got more fabric for Christmas from Braden and Mindy and an awesome window pane mirror made by Braden-probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts!

Chris is busily working at Winterfest, but he did make sometime to make me a new magazine rack (since foster chewed the old one) and it looks great! Just needs a dab of paint to finish it off, might try to sneak by Lowe's clearance section to see if they have some cheap paint. Also, I am not sure if I shared before but also for Christmas my dad made us an awesome island for the kitchen, we are super excited to finish it and get it in the house!

Well leave me some love or advice if you get a chance!

Current listening to: Speak Now by Taylor Swift ( or Tay Tay as some refer to her as)

Eye glass case 

Push pins and magnets out of buttons

aromatherapy rice bag with lavender oil made by Mindy Gates, LAc

Card holder

Rice bag #2 with lav. oil

Coffee sleeve-yum.

New Hair Cut by Sarah Kline

Window Pane mirror by Braden Hale

Magazine holder by CAW

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  1. the window pane is great - Braden told me he had made it for you but I did not get to see it - Chris did a good job on the magazine rack as well- seems like everyone has been productive making stuff except maybe me- oh wait a minute I made plenty of goodies for everyone to much on over xmas now didn't I? LOL