Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I cant believe I haven't blogged in over a week. What was I thinking? The end of last week was a little busier with meetings and appointments and working Friday night (yippee). Saturday we slept in, went to Starbucks and piddled around. Sunday we spent the morning and afternoon rearranging furniture (I had these great plans of cleaning the bathrooms and getting some sewing done which didn't happen).
We have this awesome leather chair that was in my sewing room, so we moved it into the living room to bring some different texture. The next step was figuring out where to move the oversized chair that was in the living room because both chairs wouldn't fit, we tried it in the sewing room and must have moved everything around 20 times then to realize that it just stuck out like a sore thumb, so the last place we tried was the guest room and that is where is remains. Although I didn't get a chance to sew, we did get the sewing room/office organized, so now Chris can actually use the desk.
On a positive note, I made an aromatherapy rice bag and worked on some coffee sleeves yesterday as well as getting coffee with my kathleen, going to small group, and watching the Bachelor of course. I did get some pants hemmed yesterday, three pairs. Never again will I hem Chris's Carharts, they were horrible. They are canvas and lined, I will pay for them to be done next time. Hemming pants are hard and concerning, I love jeans, but I can't stand when they are too short. So it kills me when I have to cut pants because they are too long..what if you cut them too short ( and yes I measure, but still) then they are done-there goes $50. It scares me.

Well, I m going to try and getting some sewing done this afternoon. 
I am taking orders so contact me for more information, hewilson87@gmail.com 

Sewing station

A bit messy

office area

Sitting area

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Tin

Feeling better- that's a relief! Started feeling better on Friday, just in time for the new year.
Since my last post, Jen and I made a trip to Charlottesville to check out some shops. We went to Covesville Antique Store on our way down and I found the cutest old fashioned Girl Scout Cookie tin, I wish they still sold them in old tins. Once in Charlottesville when went to some of my favorite spots, Bodos Bagels-yum, Anthro, and the Mudhouse-on the downtown mall. It was a fun quick jaunt. 
Saturday I got all of the Christmas decorations down and spent the whole day cleaning my living room from top to bottom. The builders paint they put in new houses scuffs so easily, so I got my pail of hot water and soap and got my walls very clean. It is worth it and makes a difference if you have the time to go around your house and hit those annoying scuff marks, is it quicker than repainting and cheaper! 
Also, I got the tree down all by myself-was really wishing when it was all said and done that we would have gotten an artificial tree. Needles and water everywhere, enough said. 

Chris and I made a quick trip to Richmond yesterday to pick up the island my dad built us, he is so talented! We are trying to decided on whether to paint the bottom half or just put a coat of varnish on it. My vote is to paint it and make it look slightly distressed, we are going to leave the walnut top as is with a coat or two of beeswax oil. Can't wait to have it all finished, it will be so nice to have some extra counter space.
The island

As far as sewing, I haven't made much since the last time we talked...but I am hoping to get a few things done today. I have some special orders I need to work on, but it all depends if I get called in-its a bittersweet dilemma.

Pictures of my most recent pieces, purchases and my house for the New Year:

Girl Scout Cookie tin

The mantel
The mantel-still working on it

Love my old apothecary jar

The Living Room

Wooden bowl with cork

The Nook-no more tree

Cell phone case

Eye glass case

Checkbook cover

Inside of the Checkbook cover

Cell phone case for an droid or iphone