Our First House

When I first moved to the area I lived in an apartment, but after a few months I was tired of throwing away my money to rent so in the fall of 2010 we started our search. We looked and looked all around the area and learned a ton about house hunting, we had the wish list and realized we couldn't necessarily have our cake and eat it too. Ideally we wanted a house on some land and even though the cost of living here is fairly cheap we couldn't get as much land as we wanted. In December we finally found the one. It  was a new construction, one story, three bedrooms, two full bathroom, open floor plan house on 3/4 of an acre. We have a fairly good size backyard with the latter half being mostly wooded. Some of my favorite features are the doors, bathroom vanities, back deck and yard. It isn't our dream home, but it satisfies our needs for now. We have yet to paint, but that is in the works for the spring as well as building a shed and hopefully a fence for Foster.

Spring 2011
We painted the door to help give our humble abode some curb appeal, read more about that here .

fall 2011

I absolutely LOVE fall, the colors, smells, temperature, the fun things you can do outside, therefore some of the pictures are of our fall decor.

Living Room
Hopes for the living room, built-ins flanking the mantel, paint, new couch and coffee table, and a new rug and accent tables.

My favorite part of our kitchen is the island my daddy made; I have a dream of painting the cabinets white, but I keep going back and forth, we soon will be adding some panels for the sliding glass door. 

My other favorite part of our kitchen, the (semi-) antique hutch where we store our everyday dishes (not that we own another kind). 

The office
It doesn't quite look like this currently, the desks are positioned different, so there is a place for Foster's crate which I am using the top as a cutting station and not to mention there is tons of cluster at this time. Eventually it would be nice to paint and have a different desk like this one by Ana White.

My side of the office

Fabric Ladder
Another one of my favorite finds is the old latter from Covesville Antique Store. This view of the office is more updated and you can also see the doors.

Guest Room

Here is our not so hospitable guest room, in the future I would like to slap some warm colored paint on the walls and toss that green chair out and add a down sized chair and maybe make the color scheme coral and blue. 

Glimpse into the master.. (if you couldn't tell by now I am not a good photographer). I will post a complete picture once I make the bed...could be a few days. We have added some new items, including this table I picked up at Hart's Place in Chesterfield (same place we got the hutch in the kitchen). It goes well with the new quilt.

Other pictures are coming soon..

Thanks for taking a tour...it is a work in progress