Monday, January 26, 2009

Random trains of thought

Well... I haven't been feeling too great the past few days..mostly due to the lack of sleep and sinuses. I would like to go a day without a headache. Fortunately, medicine exists..I cannot imagine living way back when and having to be in pain all of the time...much less...I cannot imagine being a nurse back in the day...yikes.

I had a nice time spending the week/weekend in Lburg. Campus Church was wonderful with Clayton King. It was a very celebratory time in the burg...Chris and Dustin's times. Also, I found a wonderful coffee shop in Wyndhurst, The Muse Coffee Co.

Wintergreen Winery: I highly recommend the Rasberry Wine..especially with chocolate.

I cannot wait to be done with school..I am not motivated to do work. I realize God placed me in this situation for reason. And I should be thankful for this amazing opportunity and thankful for almost being done, but sometimes I am just so over it. I am looking forward to the future and all that He has in store and I just want to experience it all now.
Patience has never been one of my strengths.

Tonight... the bachelor comes on tonight!

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