Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have yet to hang the EAT letters yet...we keep playing around with placement but haven't settled on the perfect spot yet.

We did get some baskets for the kitchen island-we settled on some brown baskets from Michael's that have a linen liner. I am not crazy about liners, but Chris likes the country feel about them. The best part is that we got 4 for $11 each and if we want to change the color we could always spray paint them and I could either take the liners out or make new ones. I like having something on the shelves that makes it look more organized.
Below is a picture, but the color of the island is slightly more turquoise and less blue blue (my phone distorts color sometimes-you get the idea).

Brunswick stew time:

Monday I made my family's recipe for homemade Brunswick stew for community group. After going back and forth with what I should make for dinner I bit the bullet. It ended up turning out pretty good and for the most part it wasn't too difficult to make. I must say the worst part is boiling the chicken--NASTY. You have to take it out of the plastic wrap with all the juices and pull out the insides-SICK. And if that wasn't fun enough I had the joy of de-boning that bird, talk about tedious-I felt like I was performing surgery, I had two tongs one in each hand. Fortunately, it was worth it and it is safe to say that I would do it again, except next time I am getting Chris to handle the bird part. 

One thing I am surprised about is that some people don't know what Brunswick stew is, which is outlandish. But for those of you who don't, Brunswick stew can vary depending on your recipe. Our family uses chicken, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, potatoes, S&P, tomato soup, white corn and butterbeans (lima beans). YUM. We serve it with either biscuits or corn bread and cottage cheese, yes cottage cheese, can't knock it til you try it-It's a Russell thing. 

There is chicken little taking a bath

Chicken little and carrot top

The Brunswick Stew

You might ask is that Paula Deen's Stock Pot, why yes it is. We have the rest of her collection in green.  

In other news:

I still haven't made time to sew, its a bummer I know.  I did finish our taxes! Yesterday I went lap pool swimming for the first time in at least 6 years and finished the night off with some yummy SweetFrog (rasberry and granola= my favorite) with some sweet friends.

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  1. Very cute kitchen and the stew looked yummy!
    Hope you are having a great day, love you!