Saturday, March 12, 2011


 I have been wanting to buy some cute fabric letters from Anthro to hang in the kitchen but for $14 a pop which then would equal $42 for three, I decided to make my own.

anthro letters

 I found multiple tutorials explaining how to make your own letters,  specifically this video. So the hubs and I made a trip to the local Michael's and got us some white wooden letters and cute scrapbook paper and some mod podge of course. We chose the gloss finish Mod Podge because well we didn't know any better because this was our first time with the Podge.
Here it is:

Finished product
We thought they turned out pretty well especially for our first ModPodge project. We haven't settled fully on where to hang them yet, but we will post when we figure it out (we are thinking above our cabinets near our wishing tree).

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