Monday, February 28, 2011

day o' fun

Saturday, my hubs and i went on a hot date to Charlottesville. First stop Covesville antique where we are the proud owners of a lovely shutter and old ladder--now I just wish we would have gotten more, they are looking good in every room! My plan is to drape fabric over the dowels--will let you know how it turns out and as far as the shutter we might use it to cover the breaker box (which is conveniently located on our bedroom wall (party foul)).

Lunch was spent at Greenwood Grocery, the best sandwich- The Landrance..yum yum! Also, we may or may not have gone to the Flat and had some crepes, Nutella and strawberries to be exact. Next coffee was in order from Shenandoah Joes then ANTHRO! for pulls for the island. On the way home we made a pit stop at Thai Siam's in Colleen, best fresh spring rolls.

The hubs got the pulls attached, but to our disappointment one of them broke :( not happy given they were $18 a piece. So hopefully in the next few weeks we can make it back to return it. Although we were disappointed, we are soo in love with Anthro--want everything in their home section specifically:

There were some awesome milk glasses, but I am having a hard time finding them. But I want 'em!


Another dreary day off and where are Foster and I ? Watching Dexter on the couch---its hard for us to be productive when it's so rainy. I always feel so guilty relaxing when I should be doing something productive.. but unfortunately that doesn't motivate me. 

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