Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busily creating

As you can see I have changed the name of my blog to be more reflective of what I have been doing lately. Since Saturday I have tried to make a creation everyday. Below are pictures of all of the fun. I have been scouring over sewing and craft blogs to give me some ideas. My favorite blogs are  Sew, Mama, Sew! (there are such great tutorials and links to other blogs) and A Pretty Cool Life. When I made my first sewing project on Saturday I felt completely lost and unable to remember any of the sewing techniques I once knew. Since then I have regained that knowledge through reviewing blogs and trial and error. Speaking of TandE (trial and error), I have loved everything that I have produced except an eye glass case I made today. Big disappointment, but I must say out of all the things I made I only dislike one thing which is pretty good. I am not sure if it is the fabric that makes me uneasy or just the way it turned out, but either way I love a seam riper. What a waste to just let the ugly duckling case sit around or to just throw it away, so now I can use the fabric for a smaller project.

What sewing is to me: Sewing reminds me of my mamu, my grandmother. She was an amazing seamstress, growing up I had entire wardrobes and multiple quilts made by her. She taught me a few things about sewing when I was younger, but unfortunately when I started getting into sewing she developed Alzheimer's. Although she is unable to teach me all that she knows, I am excited to visit with her over Christmas to show her what I have made. I know my passion for sewing comes from her.

Sewing is usually very relaxing and helps me get my mind off of the stress of life and work. There are the times when my bobbin runs out mid-project or tread collects in one area when I sew or no matter how hard I try I cannot cut a straight line, hopefully overtime these frustrating aspects will get better.

One thing I love about sewing is the joy of it, how can you be down when you are working with such beautiful fabrics! I have so much joy when taking a piece of fabric and turning it into a beautiful piece of art.

Handling the hardships of sewing: I mentioned a few of my beginner blips above, but recently I bought a rotary cutter and board to assist with my cutting handicap, helpful yes, but still struggling with my fabrics being the right size and not lopsided. Hopefully for Christmas I will get a big ruler (not sure of the real name) and some chalk or fabric pen. As far as my bobbin, I am learning to check it before, mid, and after  each project. Also mentioned above I am having issues with tread collecting on the underside of my stitch, haven't figured that one yet, any suggestions? Lastly, expense..fabric is not cheap, but I love me some Amy Butler fabrics.

I would love some feedback- leave me some love.
Braden's satchel

Ipod, Iphone, Digital camera, cell phone case
Eye glass case

Checkbook cover

Tissue holder

Eye glass case


More fun coasters

You can get all of one kind or mix and match

Mix and Match

Christmas present


  1. Love the post. If I could help with any of your questions I would. :) But I think you are doing a great job and are inspiring so keep it up!

  2. Haley! I had no idea! These are beautiful projects. Keep up the good work.