Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am continuing to be inspired through magazines and walking around fabric stores. I just got done reading BHG do it yourself magazine-there are some fun projects from making your own murphy bed (a project for chris :) ) to transforming your seldom used guest room to double as a sewing room-love that idea. I saw some really neat looking books featured so I have a feeling a trip to B&N is in the plans for the afternoon. Yesterday after my painful dentist appointment, I went to the new Walmart on Old Forest Rd where they have a fabric section. Unfortunately they only have pre-cut fabric pieces, I was slightly disappointed because growing up, the Walmarts in Chesterfield had a well-stocked craft and sewing section, but apparently Lynchburg is behind the times. After my Walmart trip I went to a local quilt and sewing store where I fell in love with some beautiful yet pricey pieces of cloth. Nine dollars per yard is a bit much, especially for a bargain shopper such as I-hate paying full price for anything.
Yesterdays achievement: I figured out how to tread my bobbin! It is crazy how much you can learn from reading the instruction manual.

In other news: I get to work tomorrow! Losing 36 hours this past weekend will not be good for the paycheck, so I am looking forward to waking up at 515am tomorrow- well sort of. This weekend Chris and I are attending a marriage retreat through Brentwood, we are super excited to get out of town and obtain wisdom on this marriage thing.  Additionally, I thinking Foster, my great dane, might have a UTI, do dogs get those? Every hour she wimpers that she has to be taken out and she barely even tinkles.

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