Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Already November.. man time flies by..well I hope so because I can hardly wait til June 19, 2010.
I truly can't believe that some people actually read my random thoughts. So thank you readers...especially Meg.
So it is 1am...I am watching HGtv feeling nauseated and looking at my jacked up fingernail polish. I am staying up so late in order to sleep during the day since the next three nights I will be working night shift. I haven't been working nights recently so it is hard trying to get back into the swing of sleeping patterns. My nausea...well it has been on going through the evening.. my thoughts are either it is the new BC I started yesterday or maybe something I ate. Either way I dont like it. As for my jacked blackish nail polish.. Well I thought it would be interesting to see if I could pull of the black polish, but after 5 minutes I realized I couldn't and that I didn't have any remover.. so I used some crapper nail tool and a file, so now the black is on the borders of my nails.. not cute and my cuticles are hurting.

Moving on.. the biggest news is that we bought a house!! It was about last Wednesday when we signed the contract, etc. We are hoping to close by November 25th, so about 3 weeks. The home is in Madison Heights (Amherst Cnty) and is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom new one story with a beautiful deck and backyard. The plan is that I will move in first and when Chris and I getting married he will (obvi) move in. You may be thinking...you just moved to Lynchburg and you are already buying? Well believe it or not I have been here for about 5 months. Also, I am tired of throwing away my money to rent and I want a space of my own and it is a wonderful time to buy! I am so thankful for our parents support through this process, they have been helpful, but not overbearing.
In other news: Chris and I are still doing our small group through Brentwood which has been fun and so happy that we can do this together. Also, I am currently taking a Journey class at church in preparation for my baptism. I do not have a set date yet, but will update. Mamu has been in the hospital since Thursday, prayers needed. Bacteria in lungs and confusion=not a good combination. Got the H1N1 vaccine today-arm is quite sore..still in need of the seasonal. Lookin forward to seeing my dad this weekend and Melissa next weekend (who I havent seen since May!)
Wedding plans: the only update is that I have been looking at dresses; looked at dresses with my mom on Saturday and found a beautiful Watters and Watters gown, but it was too pricy; therefore I am still keeping my eyes open.

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