Friday, November 20, 2009

Yummy Turkey

House news: We are hoping to close on November 30th, so that following Sunday if you are interested in helping me move..just shout me a holler. This month has flown by. I can hardly believe I will be moving into our first house in about a week. Our fridge should be in on Monday and hopefully our tree as well.
Recent visits: Last Saturday Melissa, one of my bridemaids and fellow Wahoo, came to visit me. I had not seen her since graduation which is crazy because I was use to seeing her at least 4 times per week when we were at UVa. But times have changed and we are grown ups now. It was so nice to catch up and visit together I just wish it was longer.
Job stuff: Things are moving a long with the nursing usual. Things just don't slow down, well our census does, but that is another story. I am still enjoying working at the CVRU at LGH. The Lord continues to keep me humble and present me with new challenges. I continue to struggle with wanting to be perfect at everything and wanting everything to run smoothly each day. It was difficult leaving the ER aka my comfort zone and coming to a brand new location and hospital being faced with different responsibilities and challenges. I know the Lord has a plan and I truly learned so much, but sometimes I go home feeling defeated. But I suppose that is just nursing. Sometimes patients, families, and/or physicians just don't understand what you go through on a regular basis, but that again is where that Lord is teaching me humility. I am looking forward to getting off orientation, which will happen on December 21st.
Thanksgiving: Chris and I are headed home, well my home in Amelia, for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having a little break and seeing friends and family. Also, I am excited for yummy home cookin. I am still missing my daddy and step mama out in the country. I just love it out there. Maybe our house #2 will be on some land somewhere. But that would mean the loans would be paid off, my masters would be completed and possibly a baby on the way and well that is a long way off.

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  1. I miss you! I'm so glad things are coming together for you- you are so deserving. Phone date soon? Or maybe I'll just have to make my way down to Lynchburg...