Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things are coming together.

So it has been a while since I have last posted and there has been some changes. I got through orientation, well general, but my unit orientation lasts until December. I have enjoyed being on the unit so far, the people are the best part. It is very different than the ER which I miss greatly, but I know the Lord has a plan for it all.

I have met some more people in Lynchburg, specifically Sara, who has been a God send. Also, I have tried out some different spots in Lynchburg- The Starlight and Waterstone.
The most exciting news is Chris and I have set a wedding date! JUNE 19, 2010~
We are very excited, but for me it cannot come soon enough, as most of yall know I would get married tomorrow at the courthouse, but Chris says I would regret it. So I reckon we are going to do this thing right. Additionally, we have chosen our location which will be at Winridge Manor in Madion Heights, Va not far from Lynchburg. It overlooks the beautiful mountains and best of all the package includes everything (even a wedding planner) except the dress and invitations- what a relief!

I have also been going to Brentwood Church which I love. Also, Chris and I have been hanging out most days, except I haven't seen him in 10 days! He has been on family vaca. It is crazy to think that we used to go two to three weeks without seeing each other. Interesting how times change and how quick I have taken it for granted. Fortunately, I have had some visitors come to my humble abode in the past month and a half including Laura, Logan, my mom, Brooke, my daddy and mama #2, and Amanda. It does still get lonely, but that feeling has gotten better with being able to work.
Oh yeah, I got a slip cover for one of my sofas!

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