Friday, June 26, 2009

Life changes

These past two weeks have been an adventure. I moved to Lynchburg, away from my family, my lovely home out in the country and everything I have ever known. The first week was difficult with being completely on my own.I must have thought that once I am on my own everything will be better and easy; the first day on my own I found that out the hard way. It is definitely an adjustment especially since I was used to living with six girls at school. I love living by myself, but it does get lonely especially since I do not know many people here. My apartment is lovely, it is definitely a work in progress. We did paint the living room classic taupe which has made the place a little more homey. I still need to get slip covers which will bring everything together. I have finally got my kitchen together for the most part, I am sure I will come up with things I need, but right know I think I am set. Chris got me the Paula Dean Pots and Pans in Green, I love them! I actually enjoy cooking now. Speaking of cooking, I have been experimenting and making some yummy dishes. If you know me well, you know that I am not a big fan of cooking, but I guess this part of me is changing too. I made some sun-dried tomato mayo, rattitouli, spagetti, sauted squash & zuccini with couscous and roasted potatoes.

Last night I rearranged my second bedroom which I am extremely happy about. I think it looks more cozy now. The bathrooms still need some work. I am currently using shower liners in place of a curtain, but eventually I will get one. My bedroom is cute, but needs some work. I am thinking about painting it green and I might rearrange it as well. It needs a little something, but I cannot decide what.

Although I do get lonely from time to time, I am very thankful to have my humble abode.
I started work on Monday, just orientation though. My first real day is next Thursday. I am working rotating shifts in the CVRU (Cardiovascular Recovery Unit aka Open Heart ICU). It is a little intimating because these are some sickly patients, but I will learn a ton! I take my NCLEX (boards) on July 13th, please keep me in your prayers. I should be studying right now instead of bloggin', but a little break is necessary. I am nervous about passing, but everything will turn out how it is suppose to.

Chris is doing well, just working working working all of the time! We haven't gotten very far with wedding plans, but once I pass the boards I will focus more of my time on planning. No date yet, but we are thinking May 31st or in June. I have been looking at venues in Bristol and saving pictures that I like, things will come together eventually.

My living room-with my makeshift slipcovers

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