Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Place

I reckon I can procrastinate a little longer, it has been a pretty productive day. After church, I cleaned my house and the Lord knows it needed it..bad and I got some school work done.

I am definitely looking forward to living by myself in 2 months, which is the most recent news for me. I have been busily looking at apartments and trying to figure out what is most important in my future abode. I am willing to spend a little bit of extra money on a nice place, I feel like I deserve it. I have lived in some rough places the past few years and this will be my first place, all by myself! It is pretty excited, I just pray that God will direct me where He wants me to be.

Yesterday Chris came into town and we went to some antique stores to get an idea of what I want in my apt. I am thinking the theme will be shabby chic, cozy, and warm.

Wall colors: tan-living room; green-my room; possible blue for the guest bedroom. I am not sure about the bathrooms yet. That will just come later.

So Chris and my mom are saying that I should have a futon and my computer desk in my guest bedroom but I would prefer another bed and my desk, we all know that beds are more comfy than futons. But they say it is most practical the other way. So we will see what happens with the second bedroom. If you have any advice about decorating ideas I would love to hear them, I recently fell in love with the Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Addition! It has some awesome ideas. I also love Real Simple.

Tuesday, I leave for NASHVILLE! I am going for a nursing convention, but really to go exploring with my dear friend, Melissa. Tuesday night we are going to the Grand Ole Opry to see Taylor Swift and Trace Adkins, I am sooo excited because I have always wanted to go to the GOO. The rest of the time we will be making our ways through the ins and outs of the city!

Count down

Graduation: 5 weeks, 35 days.

Moving to Lynchburg: 9 weeks, 63 days.

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