Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Future Mrs. Wilson

So.. it is official.. I am the future Mrs. Wilson! Chris came into town today and we went to our favorite lunch place, Greenwood, in Crozet, then ventured to Wintergreen. We headed up to the resort and drove around to the various outlooks, then landed at the one with the best view, which really wasnt a outlook... more like a cliff with the backdrop of the lovely blue ridge mountains. We both love the mountains and enjoy hanging out on rocks overlooking God's beautiful creation . After taking a few pictures, Chris went to the Jeep and grabbed a blanket and cooler. We had a yummy picnic of grapes, cheese, and crackers, after taking some more pics, Chris got down on one knee and PROPOSED! It was amazing, exactly how I would ever want a proposal to go! I am still in shock. I cannot believe we are getting married, I mean I had no doubt, but I am so excited that it is almost here!

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