Thursday, September 15, 2011

Desk of Reminders

Do you ever feel like this?

I was cleaning my office this afternoon and sat down and glanced at my desk and I thought, wow, if this isn't my life?

Every piece symbolizes some aspect of my life: 

Framed pictures of my wedding: The happiest day of my life where I felt so beautiful and loved.
The "Blue Book" Chris and I got when we took an engaged class: We really need to go over that book again and the importance of fighting for our marriage every day.
A framed picture of Chris's photography: I would love to see him get back into that.
The duster: I need to get back to work cleaning this place.
And that snow globe tucked in the back that my dad bought me when I was younger: another reminder that I miss home and my family immensely. 
The painting my mom got me for Christmas: I should take more bubble baths.
A daily devotion that I haven't picked up in awhile.
Paint swatch: one of these days we really need to paint these walls.
An old race tag: I need to stop wasting my gym membership and get back in shape which then reminds me of how much I miss playing sports.
CCRN practice book: yeah I need to make time to go through that thing.
A print from JonesDesignCompany: I love her stuff.

Well clearly there is more on that desk, but not enough time to pick through each item and bore you to tears.
I am not usually a person who finds symbolism in the day to day, but that one slapped me in the face.

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