Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our love story

In celebration of our one year anniversary, I decided to share the sweet and sloppy  details of Chris and I's story leading up to today.

The story begins eight years ago at the YADAPP conference where Chris and I first met. We exchanged brief hellos with no inclination that we would be married years later. We stayed in contact over the following three summers as we were both staff at the conference. 

At Yadapp
Occasionally throughout the year we would catch up over the phone, Chris was always so good about calling when he was near Richmond, but it wasn't until the summer of 2007 that we met for coffee. Chris was preparing for a month long trip to Africa and I was trying to sort through life changes. As Chris was in Africa I couldn't help to think about what a strong Christian man he was and how I wanted that in my life, so I did what any crazy young girl would do and surprised him at the airport when he came back.

Day that we "offically started dating"

The rest is basically history... (don't want to bore you anymore) we had a long distance relationship for about two years as I was studying at the University of Virginia. Chris proposed on top of the mountain at Wintergreen surrounded by beautiful views and a yummy picnic.

 I moved to Lynchburg about two months later to be near my sweetie. We bought our first house six months later and got our miniature pony then six months after that we tied the knot in Winridge Manor in Amherst County.

Our wedding day was slightly toasty, but I was so wrapped up in the day that I barely noticed.. as for my guests well they shed about 10 lbs soaking up the sun. 

One of my favorite wedding details was our invitations made by my dear friend Kathleen who owns Leen Jean Studios, she makes custom invitations and offers calligraphy at an affordable price--check her out!

So.. thats us in a nut shell...


  1. Love you guys and Happy Anniversary!! I miss you two! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see you! Beautiful story you just told as always...

  2. Yes, your wedding was a warm 98 degrees. :) But SO happy I was there!! Ya'll are too cute! Thanks for the shoutout! :) I am working on getting content up this evening!