Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In other news.

So it is pretty late or early how every you want to look at it, but before I slip off to bed I decided I would finish my post from a few days ago.

Sooo change.
Lets start with what is directly in front of me...my new bedroom suite and my comfy king sized bed. When Chris and I were on our honeymoon we got so use to sleeping in a king sized bed and it was not a fun week as we squeezed into my full size bed. So we bit the bullet and purchased a new expresso brown bedroom suite. Everything is pretty matchy.. which sometimes i like and other times not so much.. but i was ready to have a grown up put together bedroom. We purchased a cute duvet cover from PB (pottery barn of course) i believe it is the vanessa blue fabric, we love it. Next on our list is to paint the walls a gold yellowish color to match one of the colors in the duvet. I love espresso brown but the biggest draw back is the dust and how noticeable it is. So just keep that in mind if you are looking to get dark furniture. Also we are trying to decide what to hang up on the walls. Wall art is something that is difficult for me because I feel like once i put a nail in the wall that is it and i have to live with it even if i don't like it.  Also i am horrible about hanging wall art, just ask my college roommate Lindsay. Fortunately when my husband hangs things he measures.. alot.

Another change...the band on my left ring finger. It is palladium with channel set diamonds going half way around..it is a perfect match with my engagement ring. So I guess this brings me to the wedding. As mentioned it was a warm day, but truthfully I really was not bothered by the heat during the wedding. I am sure that was a big complaint from the guests.. but there was plenty of water and sweet tea...so all i have to say about that is get over it.. its my day.. (is that harsh?)
I will try to post some pictures so stay tuned.
The night of our wedding we stayed at the beautiful Craddock Terry, it is an old shoe factory turned hotel. I was so excited to stay there for the big night and as we walk in the lobby we are greeted with the news that the AC is broken in our room and there are no more rooms in the inn. I was slightly disappointed but anyone who knows me can guess what I was thinking.. so moving on.
The room was nicely decorated with beautiful brick, etc and the candles my husband had lit were lovely as well as the yummy chocolate covered fruit he had gotten. After about an hour or two of getting situated in the room, we get a call saying the AC man is outside of the door...perfect timing. Not the way I had planned my first night would be spent... with the AC guy. I will save you the rest of the details, but he eventually left and everything worked out. If you know me than you know I like stories and telling stories so this is definitely a good one for the books.

Honeymoon--we went to Hilton Head and made day trips to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. Favorite moments: being with Chris, going to the beach, shopping at the outlets, eating at BASIL in Charleston, and exploring Savannah.

Time has really flown by since the wedding..we are finally getting the house back in working order since the wedding and getting new furniture. Since the wedding I have found a real interest in the Twilight saga.. I know what your thinking another one of those vampire freaks... its probably what my husband thinks when he wakes up at 2 am when I finished the first book. All I have to say is that it is the first book I have actually been able to finish in a few years and it took me four days to read it. Now I am about half way through New Moon-I think this one is not as exciting as the first, but it is still good.

In other news.. Foster is still growing, work has slowed down, I finished my EMT class, miss my family including my in-laws, I want this beautiful slate blue Grand Cherokee I test drove last week which was a stupid idea since I wont be getting that any time soon, we have been to three weddings not including our own this summer, and Chris has been working tons.

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