Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where to Begin

Where to begin...After almost two years of not posting a word.. where do I begin..

Should I begin with one of the most life changing events.. Should I begin with how challenging the past two years have been.. Should I begin with what God has shown me...

Questions... of why I am writing something at the most hectic time of my life.. procrastination? a burst of energy?

For starters I wish I could have continued this blog after my last post and talking about my pregnancy journey or about the first year of life of my sweet daughter..but life happens.

I will start with 10 random thoughts from this past year and a half...
-I was pregnant! Overall my pregnancy journey was uneventful and healthy-just the way I could have wished!
-I had a baby! Labor was long and painful, but so rewarding! Although I was able to have her naturally, I definitely see why people get epidurals! PS why doesn't anyone talk about the craziness of postpartum.. especially the first few weeks.. how your body feels like you just got ran over by a truck.. or how it burns like no other every time you pee for like a month.. how I thought the contractions were going to be over after I pushed her out, but no they continued and felt like labor when I was breastfeeding for the first few days...or how is it possible to function on that little of sleep..
-Breastfeeding is a full time job...between the time spent actually doing it, pumping it, and worrying about it. It is definitely a personal decision, whether you do it for a day or two years, you are an awesome mom regardless.
-It crucial to have a supportive partner in crime! There is absolutely no way I could have gotten through my pregnancy, labor, delivery, or the first year of life (or the rest of my years on this earth really) without my amazing husband.
-Until you actually have a child you really do not know what you are in for... you could read every book out there, but nothing will truly prepare you. I highly recommend reading and attending child birth and other wonderful child-rearing classes, but don't freak out if you still feel overwhelmed and incompetent. You will get the hang of it..Be kind to yourself.. Sleep when you can and Pray a lot.
-Going back to school will be worth it right? Wow, what a journey the past two and half years have been...How have I survived balancing a baby, school, clinicals, work, wifehood? GOD- praying lots.. and a supportive partner in crime and amazing family and friends. Lord willing I will graduate in May with my Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner !
-I miss being crafty.. I think my husband knows how to use my sewing machine better than I do. I cannot wait until school is finished and I can have a hobby again.
-House projects? What house projects? I miss decorating.. the only major change was converting our guest room to my daughter nursery. Looking forward to redecorating when I get more time on my hands.. or a new home!
-I am so thankful for GRACE. I am so undeserving, but overwhelmingly grateful..God's grace, grace given by my husband, my daughter, my friends and family. Thank you.
-Where do I go from should I transform this blog? What do you want to read more about?

Well I guess I could leave you with a few pictures from the last year and a half..

Day before I had my sweet girl

Sushi for Halloween

Baby's first flight

Baby's first trip to Florida to visit besties

Date Day

Future Wahoo! 

Happy First Birthday

Birthday Party Celebration

Pumpkin pickin' time

Happy 2nd Halloween-Kitty Cat

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