Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back in the sticks

This weekend I am in Asheville, NC visiting my Braden and Mindy. It has been so nice to just get away and be out in the country, not have to worry about my daily routine. Foster tagged along with me and I think she is really enjoying playing with the three other doggies and she has been able to run around outside where there are new sights and smells..such as little chickens which she tried to eat on Friday (fortunately everyone survived). Asheville is such a neat city--it really seems like the people really make it so special.
Last night we went to the Asheville Pizza Company where we ate pizza and watched Inception. Now that was a deep, intellectual movie--it was well done, but it wasn't until the last thirty minutes that I finally was starting to grasp what was going on and then it ended and I was left still confused. I am not the most intellectual person-I typically take things for what they are at face level, when I have to think about deeper meanings I just get more confused and often I just don't have the patience to ponder that long. 
 I miss my honey, he wasn't able to make the trip this time, but hopefully next trip-I think he would really appreciate the beauty that this city has to offer. 
I am here for another day enjoying the peacefulness of Asheville and living the simple life-it is a nice change.

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