Friday, February 19, 2010


I can hardly believe that it has been almost two months since I have last blogged. One reason for that could be my computer crashing every time I turn it on... another reason could be I have been busy with wedding odds and ends and trying to stay safe in this blustery snowy weather. Lets see here.. most recent news...
We celebrated Chris's birthday in January, I found my wedding dress!- it is about time.. if one more person asked me if I had my dress yet I was going to flick 'em with spork because I just had not gotten to find my dresses yet, so I laid all the excuses aside and went to Richmond with my BFF Laura. We found the dress at Bella Rosa on Broad St. It is soo beautiful! It is a Provianas (Harlem) dress.
We got new furniture from the best FIL (father in law) and MIL (mother in law). Things are starting to come together slowly. I get so caught up in the day to day (whether that be time or money) that I really haven't put all my ideas into action..that day will come..hopefully.
I hired a graphic designer to do my save the dates and invitations.. she just happens to be on of my dear friends, Kathleen. She has done a magnificent job. Currently, I am in the process of sending the save the dates out.. trying to get some last minute addresses. The guest list has been a little stressful with trying to finalize due to the limited number allowed at the venue. I would prefer to have a small wedding, but we both have so many people we want to be at our big day. Fortunately God has blessed me with understanding friends and I know they will understand and we can celebrate after-just one on one which is what I would prefer.
Also with the wedding, we have finalized our menu- it is so nice to just check things off of the list.

One big thing I almost forgot was Miss Foster Wilson! She is our beautiful lab/great dane puppy. She will be huge, but I need something to protect me until Chris moves in. Foster enjoys cuddling on the couch watching the Bachelor and HGTV as well as chewing on mama's shoes. She has also enjoyed galloping in the snow and meeting new people. Pictures to come.

Work is still going good. I am definitely getting things down such as time management. And not once have I wished I was back in nursing school. I had to sleep at the hospital a few weeks ago due to the snow. It give me a glance into a patient's perspective. One thing the I noticed was that the beds were horrible. I woke up with every joint tight and achy.

Other recent interests:
Cooking-Giada makes it look so easy... so I have been getting inspired..but don't worry I am not overdoing it.. I mean come on.. I am still ME.
Exercising- I tried out the Wii Active by EASports that I gave Chris for his bday and it is a great work out. I am going to strive to do the 30 day Challenge... I have done good so far.. I have completed Workout One!

In Other News:
I got baptized in January at my church, Brentwood. It was an awesome experience seeing the video of my testimony on the big screen and having all my small group members in the front row as well as my daddy, step mommy, and Chris! My prayer was that God would use my baptism to inspire or help others find the Lord. Of course the Lord answered and following Jon's message my dad asked for a bible.

Well this is my life right now.. thanks for reading.

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